5 FAQs About Treating Fleas

Fleas can be a difficult pest to deal with. It may seem like you get rid of the fleas only to have the fleas reappear in your home or on your pets within a few weeks. Understanding fleas can help you know how to treat them more effectively. Here are five common questions about treating fleas.



What Is the Lifecycle of a Flea?


According to the article, Life Cycle of a Flea, a flea will go through four basic stages from egg to larvae to pupal and onto adult. The stages vary based on the conditions available. However, only the adults live on the pets. The eggs fall off and the larvae will live in the carpet or furniture of your home until they reach adulthood.



How Do I Treat My Pet for Fleas?


You can give your pets a flea bath, which should eliminate any adult fleas that are currently on them. Read the directions on the shampoo to see how long you need to wait between treatments. This will not kill any eggs or larvae that may be in your home.



How Can I Prevent Fleas?


The best ways to prevent fleas include treating your pets and your yard for fleas. You can have a barrier spray applied to your yard that will prevent your animal from getting fleas and ticks while running around in your backyard. You can also treat your animal with an oral medication, drops you put on their back or a flea collar to stop them from getting fleas.



Do I Need to Treat My Home for Fleas?


If your pets have fleas, you will need to treat your home for fleas. In addition to vacuuming and washing your bedding and any bedding for your pet, you may need to apply a chemical treatment with something like flea powder or something similar to stop fleas completely. A professional can eliminate the fleas for you without the mess that flea powders leave behind.



Do I Have to Treat My Family Members for Fleas?


Cat fleas (the kind that infest either your cat or your dog) do not live on people. They may bite you, but they will leave after feeding. This means you do not need to treat your family members for fleas. However, you should wash all your belongings and treat your home to stop a flea infestation.