5 Interesting Facts About Fleas

Many people consider fleas nothing more than a nuisance. Their itchy bites can cause your pets distress and it can take a lot of work to get rid of them. However, this small insect does have a long history. Here are five interesting facts about fleas.



The Lifecycle of Fleas


The lifecycle of a flea is unique. The eggs can hatch within a time span of one day to 12 days after they are laid. The stage of larvae takes between 4 to 18 days. While the pupae stage can take from 1 to 3 days. This means if the conditions are perfect a flea can develop from an egg to a biting adult in just 5 days. Most female fleas can lay up to 50 eggs a day, which explains how a flea infestation can quickly become a problem. It is even worse when you realize the eggs are not sticky and so they will fall off your pet and scatter throughout your home, which makes it vital to treat your entire home.



Fleas Are Great Jumpers


Fleas go from host to hot by jumping. In fact, if you consider their small size, their jumping prowess is amazing. They can jump up to 7 inches high and 13 inches away. Fleas are considered the second-best jumper in the animal kingdom.



How Fleas Are Transported


Fleas are transported on animals. However, you can end up with fleas in your home even if you have no pets. They may catch a ride home on you if you visit a home with fleas. You may also bring them home in your clothing, or in your backpack or purse. They are opportunistic, and since they lay eggs so quickly, they can quickly become a problem.



Flea Borne Diseases for Pets


There are a number of diseases that fleas can cause in pets. Tapeworms is one of the most common. The bite of fleas does not give your pet the tapeworm, but if your pet ingests a flea, it can contract tapeworms. Catch scratch fever is another disease that can affect your pets. Further complications can arise if your parents scratch too much. Sores can develop and get infected. You should keep an eye on your pet to make sure that does not happen.



Flea Borne Diseases for People


Fleas can make people sick in addition to animals. According to “5 Ways Fleas Can Make People Sick” on Mosquito Tek, there are five common illnesses that are transmitted through fleas. These include typhus, tapeworms, mycoplasma Haemofelis, the plague and cat scratch fever. Fleas are the cause of the major plague epidemics that struck Europe during the Middle ages.